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Chainsaws: Husqvarna 550XP Short block repair. Three options.

First option send just the short block with everything removed

Second option send short block with clutch, flywheel and magneto still attached

Third option send complete saw with out bar and chain

What I do is install These new OEM parts: Cylinder kit, crank bearings and seals.

You should also send the carburetor with the first 2 options so I can test it to make sure it is working

here is the cost brake down for part : Cylinder kit 550xpAT 234.00 bearings, gaskets and seals 38.00 total parts $272.00

First option cost $272.00 +50.00 = $322.00

Second option $272.00 + 75.00 = 347.00

Third option $272.00 + 170.00 = 442.00

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