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This Meteor cylinder kit will work on the Jonsered 2063 2065 2071 2165 AND 2171 and the Husqvarna 363, 365, 371 AND 372XP old version.

Available in 50 mm stock size or a 52 MM big bore cylinder kits.

The sock 50mm size are made form the best material and will provide years of reliable service.

The piston rings are made of steel with the right properties to give a good seal and are long lasting.

The pistons are cast from a 18% sylicon aluminium alloy and are heat treated. they are CNC machined.

The cylinder is coated with nickel silicon carbides, which gives a longer service life.

This kit is as good as OEM

AS always I only sell what I would use in my saws which I use to cut wood to heat my house with.

If you encounter any problems along the way, I am here to help you through it.

52 mm Big bore Email me I may have one or two

The 52mm cylinder kit comes from Asia and they have been proving to be very reliable.

This kit includes wrist pin bearing ,base gasket and exhaust gasket.

I include a work shop manual via email.

Here is some feedback on a recent instillation of this kit "Hi Rod, just wanted to let you know that I got the saw back together and had a chance to run a few tanks of fuel through it on Saturday. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The kit was nice, I appreciate having the upper rod bearing included as I've always replaced those when doing a new piston and pin on my bike motors."

To avoid scoring the piston , use fresh premium gas which is less than 60 days old. Use an oil mix rated FD and a gas can with a tight seal. This will insure the least amount of water dissolved in the gas and the most lubrication possible.

I will also send this work shop manual so you can do this right.

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